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There’s much to do during a trip to Victoria. You can go out into the great outdoors, and enjoy all the splendid and picturesque natural beauty that Vancouver Island offers. Alternatively, you can see what events and happenings are taking place during your trip, and get your fill of local cultural life. And then there’s the historic side to Victoria, too. As a city with plenty of history, there are many historic locations to explore.

And if you’re staying at the Days Inn Victoria Uptown hotel, you won’t have to go very far. Indeed, one of the local highlights is just a short five minute drive -- or, if it’s a pleasant day, a forty minute walk -- from our hotel.

The Craigflower Schoolhouse

Take a trip to the Craigflower Schoolhouse, and you’ll be stepping into the oldest school in British Columbia. Built in 1854, it doesn’t only have value as an educational institution: the building itself is historic, since it predates the gold rush that brought people and further prosperity to the region. It was built by the Hudson Bay Company, who had a tremendous influence in the early days of Vancouver Island.

Alongside the schoolhouse is the Craigflower Manor, which was constructed a year after the school. During your trip to both the schoolhouse and the manor, you’ll gain an insight into what life -- and education -- was like way back in Victoria’s early days. Plus, you’ll be able to say you’ve stood in the oldest public building in BC!

After a day of exploring, make sure you’re returning to the best hotel in Victoria. At the Days Inn Victoria Uptown, you’ll have everything you need to fully enjoy your stay away from home, including comfortable accommodations and amenities that include a heated indoor pool, fitness centre, and onsite bicycle rental service.

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