Victoria is a city that has no shortage of history. On nearly every other corner, you’ll find a building, landmark, or natural area that has played an important role in the development of the city. One such example is “The Gorge Waterway,” which virtually everyone refers to as “The Gorge.” This is a body of water that’s located right next to our hotel -- indeed, the Days Inn Victoria Uptown is even located on a street called “Gorge Road.”

victoria gorge

But what’s the deal with the history of this site, anyway? And why should you visit it?

The Gorge was an important part of life for the First Nations peoples, who would use it as a source of food and for spiritual ceremonies. In later years, the Gorge was less a place for spirituality, more a place for fun. Young boys would swim in the water and then dry themselves off next to a roaring campfire next to the river. This wasn’t always the safest activity in the world, especially since some daring boys would jump off the Tillicum Bridge. For a period, there was a tall diving board -- it reached 100 feet -- but this too was dismantled after an accident.

One of the most popular aspects of the Gorge was the Japanese Tea House/Garden, which was destroyed by vandals. There are movements to rebuild the tea house, however.

Today, the Gorge continues to be a popular area of the city, and there you’ll find people out on the water in kayaks, There are also trails that travel near the river.

After you’ve finished exploring the Gorge, return to your comfortable and cosy accommodations at the Days Inn Victoria Uptown, the best hotel in Victoria. There you’ll have everything you need to fully enjoy your trip away from home, including a heated indoor pool (it’s warmer than the Gorge…), a fitness centre, and an onsite restaurant.

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