There’s much to see and do in Victoria. Museums, historical sights, nature trips, and more. But sometimes, when you’re on vacation you don’t want to do anything complicated. You just want to have an awesome day with your friends or partner. And on this front, Victoria more than provides! Did you know, for instance, that Victoria has a pretty thriving craft beer scene? Spending a day at one of the local breweries would, in itself, be a great day.

But we’ve figured out a way to make it even more enjoyable. Throw a bike into the mix. Instead of just driving or walk from brewery to brewery, why not hop on two wheels? You’ll be able to see another side of the city, and the beer that awaits you at the end of the (albeit short) ride will taste all the better because of your efforts.

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Where to Go?

You’ll love your visit to the tasting room at Phillips Brewing! Aside from that all-important (or not so…) peak at the behind the scenes, you’ll also be able to try the sixteen beers they have on tap, all in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Perfect.

There’s also Vancouver Island Brewing Company, have been doing their thing since 1984, which makes them veterans in the craft beer game! Head down and get a taste of their classics, as well as their new offerings.

Finally, there’s Driftwood brewery. There are no tours (they keep that part a secret), but their beer sure is delicious!

You’ve got all the details of the breweries. Now you just need a bike! Thankfully, book a stay at the best hotel in Victoria, and you’ll be able to rent a bike without even leaving your room. At that’s not all that the Days Inn Victoria Uptown offers. During your stay you’ll also have access to amenities that include a heated indoor pool, fitness centre, and dry sauna.

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